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Ecotoxicology & Risk Assessment Course

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Are you an environmental scientist who needs to assess the risk of certain environmental issues at work?

Do you need more in-depth knowledge in one of the three topics?

‣ Aquatic Ecotoxicology

‣ Pesticide Risk Assessment

‣ Advanced Environmental Risk Assessment

Then join our courses!

An increasing number of chemical substances are being released into our environment. Developing countries are particular affected with high contamination but often have inadequate control mechanisms and insufficient resources for risk assessment and management.

Our courses focus on various environmental issues, are always interactive and provide case studies from Africa to equip you with hands on examples. Learning outcomes

‣ Understand and apply the principles of ecotoxicology (exposure and effect)

‣ Formulate problems and identify different instruments for exposure and effect characterization

‣ Develop skills for the design, implementation and interpretation of Environmental Risk Assessment studies Target group Environmentalist, researchers, government, industry, NGO and general public with basic knowledge in environmental science.

About the course facilitator

Dr. Silke Bollmohr has 15 years experience in pesticide risk assessment from all sectors involved in risk assessment since she worked for government, NGO, industry and academics. She has developed protocols for pesticide risk assessment in several countries and has served as an ecotoxicologist on different projects in DRC, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania and Sudan.

Course info

When: 29.-31.05.2017

Where: EcoTrac Training centre, Eliud Mathu Street 1070, Nairobi

Time: 8:30 -16.00 Costs: 200$

Info: [email protected] +25470 4874848

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