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ECI Joins Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC)

ECI Joins Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC)

The Environmental Compliance Institute (ECI) has formally joined the Climate and Clean Air Coalition to Reduce Short-Lived Climate Pollutants (CCAC) as a non-state Partner. ECI was formally welcomed to the Coalition in June 2019 following the review and approval of ECI’s application in accordance with CCAC’s approval procedure. The Coalition is a voluntary partnership led by states and regional integration organizations. These partners have committed to accelerate action to reduce short-lived climate pollutants through their participation in the Coalition’s activities and local actions. The Coalition proactively engages with non-state partners including NGOs such as ECI to advance action on short-lived climate pollutants.

ECI endorses the Coalition’s framework to take meaningful actions to reduce short-lived climate pollutants. As a non-state partner, ECI is committed to reducing short-lived climate pollutants by actively participating in the Coalition’s work. In this regard, ECI continues to support climate change and clean air interventions in Africa by:

  • raising awareness about climate change and its impacts on the environment, health and livelihoods; and
  • promoting the adoption and implementation of policies, legislation and practices that improve air quality, reduce energy use and limit greenhouse gas emissions, including short-lived climate pollutants.

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