Environmental Regulatory Training

Environmental Regulatory Training

ECI’s Environmental Regulatory Training Program is run by a team of highly skilled trainers with outstanding hands-on experience in the implementation and enforcement of environmental laws within diverse jurisdictions in Africa. The program delivers various hands-on short courses (ranging from 3 – 10 days depending on the course and audience), that have been developed and refined over time based on the assessed needs of many environmental protection agencies and regulated communities across Africa.

The following are the current training courses offered under the program:

  1. Introduction to Environmental Law
  2. Environmental Inspections
  3. Safety and Risk Assessment in Environmental Inspections
  4. Principles of Environmental Compliance & Enforcement
  5. Performance Indicators for Compliance & Enforcement Programs
  6. Next Generation Environmental Management Strategies (pollution prevention assessments and strategies, voluntary environmental reporting systems, internal compliance auditing, etc)
  7. Environmental Petitioning and Public Participation in Environmental Decision Making and Enforcement (for civil society groups)

Currently ECI offers the above courses to interested organizations and/or groups of at least 10 persons per course.  Each course can be tailor-made to fit unique needs of any specific organization or group.

Whereas ECI does not run its Environmental Regulatory Training Program on commercial basis, it does charge some fees to cater for overheads and related costs to ensure sustainability of the program. Kindly get in touch with us should you or your organization be interested in any one of the above courses.