Regional Cooperation/EANECE

The ever increasing scale and gravity of environmental challenges such as climate change, loss of biological diversity and degradation of ecosystem services are already restricting the prospect of economic development in many countries and regions. Collective and cooperative responses by international institutions, governments, civil society and citizens is therefore critical to achieving effective governance that can help the world move towards a more sustainable future.

ECI’s Regional Cooperation Program supports national, regional and international cooperative efforts in tackling local, regional and global environmental challenges. Currently, ECI is the Secretariat of the East African Network for Environmental Compliance and Enforcement (EANECE).

EANECE is an informal regional network whose mission is to promote environmental rule of law through efficient and effective implementation and enforcement of environmental requirements. The EANECE membership comprises of environmental regulatory agencies in the East African nations of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi.  EANECE promotes regional harmonization of environmental laws, regulations and standards, brings together its members to jointly build capacity on priority environmental enforcement and compliance issues, and advances the strengthening of relationships among the member countries and institutions to improve cooperation on trans-boundary environmental issues.